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The Congress elects the President of KSS for a period of 5 years with the possibility of re-election.

The President of KSS is also President of the Conference, the Presidency and the Executive board of KSS. The President of KSS convene and chair the sessions of the Conference, the Presidency and the Executive Board.

The President of KSS performs the following tasks:
– participate in the work of the bodies of KSS and take initiatives in favor of KSS;
– negotiate with social partners at national level;
– Sign all collective agreements at national level in accordance with the laws previous obtained authorization from the Executive Board;
– organize press conferences and public appearances;
– signs all acts adopted by authorities of KSS;
– make a proposal to the Executive Board for election to General Secretary;
– collaborates and represents KSS before NGOs, associations and international trade union organizations and
– conduct other activities in accordance with the Statute.
For his work the President is responsible to the Congress of KSS.

President of KSS is Blagoja Ralpovski.