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Economic social council supports the new laws for the project “Macedonia employs 2“

Economic social council supports the new laws for the project “Macedonia employs 2“

Economic and Social Council endorsed the package of laws to implement the project “Macedonia employs 2”, which provides employment between 15 and 20 thousand people. At the session, as was stated at a press conference discussed the latest amendments to the Law on employment and insurance in case of unemployment, the Law on Pension and Disability Insurance and the Health Insurance Law which provides for continuation of the project “Macedonia employs” for one year, with the benefits that were provided in the previous project “Macedonia employs”.

– The package of laws is supported by all social partners in the social dialogue that continuously guide and the organizations of employers and workers’ representatives. The unanimous acceptance of the package of laws to implement the project “Macedonia employs 2” met because of the positive effects it can have in terms of employers or organizations of employers , representatives of the interests of private companies in terms of workers’ representatives, or trade unions, sad Ministry of Labour and social policy at the press conference Dime Spasov.

According to him the most positive effects are greater assistance and support to unemployed citizens or the more vulnerable categories or groups of unemployed people which in the past were less competitive on the labor market and whit this legislative package project named “Macedonia employs” gives greater support, incentive for private companies to create new jobs, a great saving of funds for job creation.

He added that this project will continue to influence the reduction of gray economy. – Provides protection of workers already employed in private companies. There is no space for fear and doubt since the legislative package provides a system and mechanism to protect existing employees in private companies. It is impossible to dismiss them to hire other people with these benefits. It also provides protection from abuse by users of the package of benefits, said Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

Blagoja Ralpovski the President of Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia said that they  are supporting the project because has had a result by employing quite vulnerable groups and categories.

– The unemployment is reduced in Macedonia by 2.8 per cent a year. It raised the social dialogue in Macedonia and we hope that with this project in the future will improve the standard of all employees in the country, said Ralpovski.

President of the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia Zivko Mitreski appreciate the fact that all the social partners have supported the package including SSM promotes assessment that this is a very important project, which allows to ensure continuity in the fight against unemployment and stimulating employment with concrete measures results.

He added that the project provides social and economic security of socially vulnerable and disabled persons through their employment, and regulates the relevant labor market.

The project was supported by the Organization of Employers of Macedonia. The president of the organization Angel Dimitrov believes it is particularly important for young entrepreneurs, the people who first begin business and rapidly growing companies.

– The development of a market economy in particular depends on private initiative and the courage of entrepreneurs for the growth of their own business. In this way they are encouraged and given incentives to spread its business, said Dimitrov.

Mile Boskov from the Business Confederation considers that the continuation of the project “Macedonia employs” will provide an opportunity still to encourage new employment in Macedonia.

According to him, this is encouraging to decent work ie. the way you can employ social groups, people with disabilities and a way to provide material existence.

Dragi Argirovski the Association of Pensioners of Macedonia believes that this is the best project of  the Government and it  gives annual results, because each new job means new funds in the Pension and disability insurance of regular retirement and pension increases.