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Fourth Congress of KSS

Fourth Congress of KSS

On 21.12.2016 at Hotel Continental Skopje was held the Fourth Congress of the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia (KSS) on which unanimously was elected the President of KSS Blagoja Ralpovski in the next five years.


The President of KSS addressed ,, We are the strength of the new age translated into the trade union movement in Macedonia. Although trade unionism faces numerous challenges worldwide, I believe in our country, trade union and labor movement is a fundamental driver, promoter and guarantor of the rights of employees and modeler of socio-economic developments in the countries. ”

The speech had the Honorary President of KSS, Mr. Dojčin Cvetanovski as well as domestic and foreign guests, Esther Lynch, Confederal Secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation, on behalf of the Regional Council Solidarity had his address Mr. Zivko Mitrevski, Jordanka Germanova from Podrkrepa Bulgaria, Deputy Minister of labor and social policy, Mr. Dime Spasov, President of the Business Confederation of Macedonia, Mr. Mile Boskov, President of the Macedonian occupational and safety and  health association , Mr. Milan Petkovski.


On the Fourth Congress there were adopted the Statute of the KSS, Programme of KSS, financial report and were adopted three resolutions as follows: Resolution for admission of KSS in ETUC and ITUC, Resolution for Compensation of KSS for trade union property, Resolution for trade union unity.

KSS also marked the 10th anniversary of the establishment and active working of the trade union. The President once again stressed that in the past 10 years KSS is the initiator and promoter of the introduction of a minimum wage as a basic legal instrument for the protection of economic and social position of employees. This law today is a pillar of the reward system of the labor. He also states that KSS still initiates pension reform, ie changes in the pension fund that will help to establish a fair system of social benefits. And that as the sole representative union in the public sector KSS was the only signatory of the General Collective Agreement for the public sector, and is a signatory of many branch collective agreements. Many other projects are realized or started to realize over the years.

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