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Establishment of LESCs in Struga and Kicevo

Establishment of LESCs in Struga and Kicevo

Actively is continuing with the activities under the Project for the promotion of social dialogue, on 27.06.2016 was signed agreements for the establishment of local economic and social councils in the municipalites of Struga and Kicevo.

These agreements was signed by the Mayors of Struga and Kicevo  Mr. Zijadin Sela  and Mr. Fatmir Dehari, Presidents of representative trade unions at national level, Mr.Blagoja Ralpovski President of Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia and Mr. Zivko Mitrevski, President of the Federation of Trade unions of Macedonia and Mr. Angel Dimitrov, President of the Organization of employers of Macedonia.

LESC serves as an advisory body to submit  their opinions and suggestions to the Mayor and the Municipal Council on important issues of economic and social policies of the municipality, employment policy, education, health and safety at work, encouraging joint initiatives, etc. .

The aim is to strengthen the social dialogue at national and local level, encouraging collective bargaining and establishing infrastructure for collective bargaining at sectoral level and establishing a mechanism for the peaceful settlement of labor disputes.

On the meeting in Struga, the President of KSS  said that the agreement is an opportunity to improve social dialogue, the standard of citizens in the municipality and the colaboration between the business community and social partners.

-“ Improving standards and social dialogue will be one of the main reasons for finding solutions for the interested citizens and business community” said Ralpovski.

Participants in these councils are representatives from municipalities, NGOs and civil society organizations.

These local economic and social councils that are part of the Project Promoting social dialogue are implemented by  the International Labour Organisation (ILO)

less-struga-kicevoSigning the agreement for establishing LESC in Struga

less-kicevo-strugaSigning the agreement for establishing LESC in Kichevo