No job should take away safety, health and the wellbeing or life of the workers. Every day around the globe 7500 people die due to unsafe and unhealthy working environments and 1 million workers get injured at work.

Workers in Macedonia are also part of this statistics which shows the increased number of accidents at work and people who have died at work.

The Law on Occupational Safety and Health, which was adopted in 2007 and which was harmonized with the European legislation, which has undergone a number of changes, is not fully implemented. Besides legal regulations as well as the by-laws that have already been adopted, which are full with uncertainties, KSS is already preparing its proposals. Among other, we think that in Macedonia there is no adequate legislation nor a way of measuring or determining occupational diseases. KSS as part of the European Trade Union Confederation, fully supports their request for the adoption of a new Directive that will oblige employers to establish a system for identifying and preventing stress from work, for which we, as a trade union, will make efforts to harmonize the Law on Security and health in accordance with European legislation.

The implementation of the Strategy and Action plan for health and safety at work, the cross-sectoral cooperation of trade unions, employers’ organizations, civil sector, but also an exceptional role has the State Labor Inspectorate in improving the safety and health at work  .



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