Meeting of the representatives of the European Commission and Confederation of free trade unions of Macedonia


On 22 of February 2019 in EU Info Centre in Skopje, the representative of KSS, Spase Nikolov, had a meeting with Armel de Keros, representative of the European Commission, program and financial manager for international issues. The meeting related to the issues related to the trade union movement in the Republic of Macedonia. By our representative was stated the following:
The trade unions and the trade unions organization as never before, are at the lowest level and under discrimination, pressures and blackmail, or described with one sentence “Either you are with me or you are against me and you will not exist”. Namely, the are two trade unions in Macedonia, one is close to the authorities, while the other is considered incongruous and must be destroyed by any mean. The worker representatives are consolidated with representation, the members of the trade union are under continuous pressure and intimidation to leave the incongruous and to join the trade union that is considered close to the authorities. The labor rights despite being reduced, there is absence of institutions/inspectorate that monitor the implementation of the law because these institutions are under direct competence of the authority. Regarding this, it is worth mentioning that for almost two years there is no commission for deciding on labor rights upon appeal. The director of the Agency for administration where the commission for deciding upon appeal of administrative workers is included, is a close friend to the prime minister (they come from the same municipality in which the prime minister was mayor and the director of the agency for administration was the secretary in the municipality). The direct control over the inspectorates and the commissions for deciding upon labor rights on one hand, the firing of the trade unions leaders, disrespecting the basic rights and duties given by constitution and the law by the executive power on the other hand, contributes to Macedonia having the largest number of petitions for discrimination based on labor rights. The economic-social board has shut the doors to the worker representatives, making illegal resolutions, law prepositions and acts that harm the workers rights, this board destroys the last hope of all the workers in the public or private sector. The promotion of workers rights is achieved only with the newly employed workers in the public sector, to whom is mandatory to join the trade union that is close to the authorities. All of the above and the changes of the law so far, can only prove the feeling of the workers that they work in feudalism.


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