Meeting of members of KSS Executive Board and Mr. Magnus Berge from ILO


Today, at the premises of Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia (KSS), Executive Board of KSS held a meeting with Mr. Magnus Berge, a specialist in workers’s activities of International Labor Organization for Central and Eastern Europe.

At the meeting was discussed about the problems that Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia is facing in terms of violating workers’ rights, disabling the right of free association, interfering in organizing union and union activities, inability to prove representativeness and inability tо collect the list of the members. A discussion was opened about the problems that branch unions of KSS are facing, the pressures of their members, and  the pressure of trade union leaders in particular.

Mr. Magnus Berge, who is familiar with the whole situation, stated that the Convention number 87, Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organize Convention is directly violated in Macedonia, for which we were given specific directions for further action in order to report such a violation to the Assembly of Macedonia, by which it was ratified. He also pointed out that there is a serious harassment to union leaders, who have written evidence and pending litigation about it. He suggested that the situation should be reported to a higher level within the International Labor Organization.

The issue of the adoption of the new Labor Relations Law was raised, where members of KSS Executive Board noted that many of the KSS’s remarks were not accepted and also considered that some of the articles can be harmful for workers.

Information was also shared about the warning strike of the Autonomous Trade Union of Education, Science and Culture (SONK), which was held at the beginning of the school year on 02.09.2019.



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