Women Section of KSS gives support to the Campaign “Stop Gender Based Violence at work!”


The Women Section of the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia  marked the International Women’s Day  as a reminder which are the rights that we enjoy today, and that the fight for equality between women and men still lasts. Today  a printed material was distributed to pay attention to the fight against violence against women at the workplace.

Today, it seems that equality between men and women has been achieved, but to remind that millions of women in the world still do not have basic human rights as a right to protection against domestic violence, psychological and physical violence at work, less paid work, unpaid overtime , less representation in parliaments, etc.

In Macedonia, the fight for equality between men and women still takes place, and we can see it from many examples in the real life.

As a reminder, one fact from the conducted research says  that women are 12.5% less paid than men for equal work.

This  8th of March, we join to the campaign of International Confederation of Trade Unions – STOP Gender Based Violence at work, and we support the convention of the International Labor Organization for the prevention of gender-based violence against women at the workplace. We want this convention to be ratified in Macedonia, because the Government will have to harmonize the laws with the standards of the convention.

The implementation of appropriate laws is crucial to prevent violence against women in the field of labor.

Gender equality is an important factor in the progress in every sphere of social life. The struggle for women’s rights will continue.



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