PROTEST OF KSS – 15.04.2021


Today is a great protest of KSS because through it, workers in Macedonia expressed great dissatisfaction.

The slogan of this protest was – IT’S ENOUGH – YOU’VE GONE TOO FAR!!!

Due to the situation with the pandemic, the protest was organized with cars so it was made possible in time of pandemic. The number of cars that was present, exceeded 350 vehicles.

This shows that many workers want to send the government to go because it’s enough – you’ve gone too far!

The protest started at 16:00 from the gathering place opposite the Macedonian Radio Television to the Parliament and finally ended in front of the Government. In front of the Parliament, the President of KSS gave a short speech, and then with a large banner with the slogan of the protest continued to the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. The President of KSS, Blagoja Ralpovski, first addressed the Government and conveyed the requests, and some of them are:

  • to stop the non-respecting of the laws in the field of labor
  • to be respected the law on minimum wage to harmonize wages in accordance with collective agreements
  • to stop the pressure on trade union leaders and the trade union
  • to stop the inaction of the institutions of the system in case of violation of the laws

Then the Presidents of the branch trade unions at KSS addressed the Government with speeches in which they expressed their demands. The protest was supported by many other trade unions and associations that are with us in the fight against the violation of workers’ rights, which on the contrary should only be promoted not violated, but it and does not seem to be in the priorities of this government. After this protest, we expect that the Government will do its best to establish a social dialogue and that they will meet the requirements of KSS.