Confederation of free trade unions of Macedonia held a protest in Kumanovo


On 6th of april 2019,Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia held a protest in Kumanovo, which began at 12.10 o’clock at the main city square in Kumanovo, KSS reiterated its demands such as increasing wages according to the increase in the minimum wage, the stop for transfer from public to private sector, K-15 for the public sector, job security and decent pay.

The President Blagoja Ralpovski addressed the protest, pointing out that the KSS will stand in defense of workers’ rights and highlighted that the protests will continue during the presidential election campaign. He also said that KSS demands, according to the law, to increase the salaries of public sector employees, and that the government has found a legal solution to raise the salaries of deputy prime ministers and ministers. Our demands are aimed to salary increase according to the increase of the minimum wage, but not from now on, but from 01.01.2019. At the same time he asked to stop the transfer from public to private sector. He also pointed out that the Government should be proven employer in the state and to give an example how public sector employees should be paid, including k-15.

He said that KSS is continuing, along the path of prosperity in the country, and today we are here to defend the workers’ rights. Emphasized that without a respected worker, there is no respected society.

KSS has said that if their demands do not comply, it should result with general strike in the public sector

Jakim Nedelkov ,the President of Autonomous trade union for education, science  and culture (SONK), took a part of the protest with his own speech and covered several points by their trade union, such as the promises for increasing the salaries of the employees in the kindergartens by 12-16% from January 1, 2019, but the competent institutions didn’t even start to fulfill the promises, there is no increasing of the salaries in the culture since March 2019, and the collective agreement prepared by SONK who regularly passed a public hearing now is in a position that someone is trying to “throw it in a bin”.

The President of the Regional Committee of SONK-Kumanovo, Nikola Stojmanovski, and the General Secretary of the Regional Committee of SONK-Kumanovo, Ismet Zekiri, also addressed the meeting.

Members of the affiliates of KSS attended the protest as well.


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