KSS protested in Stip



The Confederation of Free Trade Unions held a major social protest on Saturday, 26 January 2019 in Stip. The protest march started at the square “Sloboda” in Stip.

The main demands of the protest were the increase of the public sector wages in accordance with the percentage of the increase in the minimum wage (within payment starting in January this year), the payment of K-15 (regress for a vacation)  in public administration and stop for the transfer from public to private sector.

Among other things, we remind you once more about the demands we put in the protest: decent salary for decent life, work without pressure and mobbing, job security, respect for laws and collective agreements, respect for social dialogue and partnership.

The protest follows the protest that preceded Prilep, where KSS began radicalizing its activities in order to reach the rights of its members.

KSS will continue to radicalize its activities until institutions take action to meet these requirements that are in the line with laws and collective agreements.

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