KSS announced a protest in Kumanovo


On 05.04.2019 in the offices of SONK was held press conference at which was announced the protest of KSS that is going to be held on 06.04.2019 in Kumanovo that will start on 12,10 on the city Square. President of KSS,  Blagoja Ralpovski emphasized the demands that the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia has been asking publicly for over a year, through protests, as well as through social dialogue to improve the rights of employees in the public sector, such as harmonizing wages according to the increase of the minimum wage, the payment of k-15 to public sector employees, respect for collective agreements and laws, for abandoning of the idea of transferring workers from public to private sector.

The protest scheduled in Kumanovo on April 6, 2019 is part of a series of protests that the KSS held as part of the activities and trade union actions demanding the legitimate rights of the employees that are in accordance with laws and collective agreements.


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