“We don’t want flowers, we want bigger rights” – KSS celebrated International Women’s day!


KSS held a event on 8-th of March under the motto “We don’t want flowers, we want more rights”

On the occasion of March 8 – International Women’s Day, the women’s section of the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia held an event under the motto “We Do not Want Flowers, We Want More Rights”, in Park Zena-Borec, where printed materials were distributed, which spread the message of continuation of the maternal leave in a period of 12 months, so the women – mothers can fully devote to their newborns. The General Secretary of the Autonomous trade union for education, science and culture – SONK, Vesna Nedelkovska and women from the branch trade unions from KSS, participated on the event.

The representative from the women’s section of KSS, Ana Jankuloska said that this event serves mostly for raising women’s awareness for their rights.

“The women’s section of the Confederation of free trade unions is here in Woman park- Borec, to mark the International women’s day – 8 of March. We like a trade union, have a responsibility to remind women for their rights, which arise from the working relations. We consider that 8 of March has a more deeper meaning from the way that is celebrated in our country, and because of that our motto is:  We Do not Want Flowers, We Want More Rights”. We will keep working on enhancing women’s right and on stopping the discrimination of women”

The General Secretary of SONK, which is a branch trade union of KSS, Vesna Nedelkovska said that in the last two years, through different types of meetings whit women – workers, this section actively works on two aspects. The first aspect is raising the awareness of women for the already established rights according to the Law for working relations, the particular laws of the occupations, the signed collective agreements, safety and health in the working place, social protection… The second aspect is about upgrading and securing higher rights from the ones regulated in the laws. Also, she added that the trade unions continue whit the activities for the continuation of the maternal leave and for men to use the right of the maternal leav, which is established in the laws.

The women’s section of KSS, not only works on the territory of Macedonia, but with their representatives, the participate in similar section on European and world level.



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