KSS ask to stop the lynch of the public administration


The Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia – KSS inspired by the statements of certain ministers in recent days, bidding on public sector salaries by certain public functioners, as well as certain leaders of political parties, we decided to submit this statement to the public in order to to tell the truth and to ask about certain painful points that are skillfully hidden, so here we call  all above mentioned to answer on our questions..

First of all, we want to ask whether the public is aware of the government’s decision to cut public sector wage payments, except in the health, police and military sectors. In the public sector, salaries are reduced from 5% in education to 25% in certain institutions in the public sector. However, we would like to ask the responsible persons whether the acquired rights with certain Laws and collective agreements can be revoked by a Decree, parts of those laws to be suspended, and especially the parts of the Law on Labor Relations and the rights from collective agreements that have force of a law. Is it in line with the Constitution or have you missed the work somewhere?

Second, public sector employees, in order for the whole public to know the truth, since the police hours have been extended from 16:00 to 19:00, all employees go to work every day as well as before the corona crisis. Only those who use the measures for having a child under 10 years of age are absent, as well as those with chronic diseases, so we will ask employers whether they respect the measures or are sharing dismissals, and whether the inspectors do their job? The employees in the kindergartens who have a salary of 14,500 denars and above will soon start working and the teachers who have on-line teaching have up to three times more additional work to cover all students.

As a third, part of the public administration that was exempt from coming to work, let the whole public know again so as not to be bidding, for a period of three to four weeks when the peak of the infection was expected, they worked from home. In fact, where it allows the system and the work process, but again the part of the public administration as counter workers were present at work on a daily basis. After all, many employees in the private sector work from home until now, so let’s make a proposal to reduce their wages, ridiculous. For this very important moment, we have a question to the authorities that we call on to give an answer to the whole public, who was completing the administrative work, who was implementing the measures and regulations, so due to lack of dialogue the regulations were changed many times in the style of write-delete, so the administration had several times more work than usual.

Fourth, if the already shortened salaries in the public sector are so burdensome, which are still below the national average, why do you employ even more? Why according to Article 76 paragraph 3 of the Labor Law where it is stated that dismissal follows when the need ceases, and in the forms M1 / M2 in the employment agency the reason is “EMPLOYMENT BECAUSE OF INCREASED WORK ” (just to let the whole public know what is true ) to more than 15,000 PART TIME EMPLOYEES  AND MORE THAN 15,000 EMPLOYED FROM PRIVATE AGENCIES  still receive a salary and are engaged. In fact, let’s just remind, and the public already knows that nepotism as an affair was not so far away, so let it judge. So don’t we have a reduced workload, are we not working ???

If you want to start saving, let’s start according to the Laws, let’s see how honest you are and then cancel the contracts of these people, otherwise we will be free to say that you are manipulating.

Your decrees for deferring loans and stopping the executors with which you say that you have helped us and therefore we do not have where to spend our modest salaries, which anyway start from 14,500 denars and do not exceed the national average, which is the only example in the region. Europe and beyond have not helped us, on the contrary, they have burdened us with even greater debts that are now being collected from interest rates that go to the expense of banks and еџецуторс, true or not let the public say.

The fact that the state does not have money in the budget, and only a month ago you said the budget is full, you have not managed the work well, and we are not to guilty for that. Now that the time has come to pay the bills, it is the fault of the public sector workers, no, it is your fault because you are in charge of the public sector. And now that there is no money, it is becoming clear that your threats of dismissals in the public sector are becoming a reality, that your statements about the minimum wage of all public sector employees are becoming a reality. Is this true that you will soon take such a step?

KSS is demanding an end to the daily campaign, with media bombardment, threats to the public sector for their already low wages and job losses. We demand the lynching of the public administration to stop, otherwise we will respond with dignity as always, but the blame for the consequences will be yours.




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