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First trade union school for youth of KSS

First trade union school for youth of KSS

From 9th to 11th  of November  was held the “First Trade Union School for Youth” organized  by the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia. The topic of the school was “Harassment on working place (mobbing)”. The training was organized by KSS, supported by the ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation) and PERC (Pan European Regional Council). This trade union school was held  in hotel Biser, in Struga,

The training was led by Maja Ristova, lawyer, an expert in the field of mobbing. Thirty four (34) representatives from various trade union organizations attended the training and they were able to get acquainted closely with the notion and types of mobbing, as well as to learn how to recognize them in their every day working places.

Through given concrete examples, many of the participants found themselves or their colleagues as victims of mobbing and were appropriately instructed to protect themselves and they learn how to initiate a court procedure in case they need it.

The legal framework for harassment at the workplace was analyzed by the advocate and the participants. The problems in practice and the abuse of the law were also reviewed and analyzed.

According to us, of particular importance for the participants were the practical examples as well as the practical exercises that they had to analyze through dialog and discussion. There was a constructive discussion, most of the participants were actively involved in the discussion, clearly interested in the topic, asking questions and giving concrete examples.

We believe that this kind of  training will be of enormous benefit to all who have participated it. They acquired a knowledge how to recognize mobbing in their workplace and how to prevent it. We believe in a case if they become victims of mobbing, they will be aware of it and they will know how to protect themselves.

We point out the need for organizing more trainings and workshops with a same topic which is very current these days.

With this training, we saw the need for organizing more  trainings and workshops on the theme “Mobbing” if we have in mind  the actuality of the topic.