Support from the International trade union confederation


The General Secretary of the International trade union confederation has sent a letter to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, calling on them to stop any interference in trade union affairs and trade union organization,  to stop creating obstacles in organizing regular elections in trade unions, pressures and intimidation of members whose purpose is their exclusion from KSS and arbitrary changes in the workplace and working conditions of trade union representatives in an attempt to limit the possibilities for performing trade union function.

They strongly condemn the dismissal of the President of KSS from his working place as a civil servant. With this procedure, the Government sends a clear message to all trade unions in Macedonia that is ready to violate the principles of freedom of association and to threaten and pressure union leaders and activities, especially in the public sector.

The International trade union confederation, which represents more than 181 million workers in more than 163 countries and has 340 national trade union members, gives full support to KSS to tackle the pressures and  will continue to give support  by using existing international and regional mechanisms for protection of workers’ rights if the attack continues.

You can see the letter on the following link.


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