KSS demands a pay rise according to the minimum wage through respecting of the social dialogue


Today at a press conference aimed for informing  the public, the Confederation of Free Trade Unions highlighted the current situation of  non-functioning of the social dialogue at the highest level.

Namely, KSS repeatedly reacted to the violations of the Labor Law, the Agreement for constitution of the Economic and Social Council and international conventions caused by the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, who is also the President of the Economic and Social Council. At the ESC sessions were adopted key issues from the working sphere by non-representative and illegitimate organizations, while the opinions of the legitimate social partners were not heard or accepted at all, like in the case with the Minimum Wage Act. The KSS supports the increasing of the minimum wage, but can not silence the fact that the law is brought  by a complete violation of the procedure under which the ESC should give its own opinions and then can go to the Government and Parliamentary procedure.

Ignoring the social partners, the Minister of Labor and Social Policy delivered opinions of the ESC for increasing of the minimum wage without the opinion of KSS and without common and valid analyzes.

The KSS demands increasing of the salaries in accordance with the increasing of the minimum wage to maintain the range of all categories of public servants and not to come in a situation where the salaries of the technical staff will be equal with the salaries of the lowest positions of the holders of activity in the public sector whose basic coefficient for calculation of the salary will be under the amount of the minimum wage.

KSS  urgently requires convening of the ESC  legitimate composition with the representative social partners, from whom we are sure that they will accept our proposal, in accordance with all Laws and the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia, and warns that if this situation continue that will take radical trade union measures.


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