Trade union of Pensioners of Macedonia established within the KSS


On 27 of June 2018, the Founding Congress of the newly formed Pensioners Union of Macedonia (PSM) was held in Skopje, where delegates from all around Macedonia attended.

At the Founding Congress the delegates voted for the program, resolutions and the Statute and according to that the future trade union will function. At the Founding Congress the management was elected including Marjan Spasovski who was elected as president of PSM.

This trade union will function within the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia (KSS).

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In the program of PSM  are included: improvement of the economic and social status of pensioners, contributing in a direction of improving of the social dialogue, health care for pensioners, improving the conditions for retirement, raising pensions and establishing a minimum pension that have been predicted in the resolutions that have been adopoted.

The elected President pointed out that he will make efforts to improve the status of pensioners in Republic of Macedonia and that he will work to find out the demands of the pensioners.


The event and the founding of this union was welcomed and supported by all present audience that pointed out that they should finally be represented and involved in the social partnership.

The event was also supported by the media.



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