KSS protested in Kicevo


On Saturday, 23 of February, 2019, the Confederation of Free Trade Unions held a protest in the city of Kichevo, which was one of the many protests, which are following. We remind you that the previous protests were held in Prilep and Shtip. Around thousand unsatisfied people, who are part of the public sector in Macedonia, took part in the protest.

The protest march started from the train station in Kichevo and ended at the main centre of the city, where the representatives of KSS: The President of KSS, Blagoja Raplovski, the President of SONK, Jakim Nedelkov and the president of the Regional Trade Union of SONK, Cane Krstevski held their speeches. Also, the Secretary of the Regional Trade Union of SONK, Zufer Rushaj, held a speech in Albanian language.

The representatives talked about starting negotiations for changing and adding the articles in the General collective agreement for the public sector, which will define some questions and raise the rights of the employed people in the public sector, including the education, science and culture, the right for regress for vacation, jubilee awards, and enrolling thirteenth salary and other additions to the salary.

At the protest, the unsatisfied people carried signs, with protest messages, like: “Safe work places”, “Stop for the transfer from the public to the private sector” and “KSS – the force of the new times.“



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