The Conference of the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia on the session held on April 30, 2018 discussed the current economic and social situation  in  our country the activities of  KSS and its members in the last few months and based on these observations, and in anticipation of the celebration on May 1 as a day of labor, adopted the following:


The Confederation of Free Trade Unions of  Republic of Macedonia (KSS) is expressing a big concern about the bad economic and social conditions in the country in general, and especially for the majority of employees whose monthly income does not provide a minimum standard of living for them and their families.

The concerns of KSS are even more justified if we  take into account the fact that the economic indicators show a continuous are worsening of the situation, which is quite the opposite of the expectations of the workers and especially the promises of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

KSS more times very seriously pointed out and demanded urgent  solutions to overcome such conditions, but unfortunately responsible state authorities did not take enough serious measures to exit this situation.

Particularly unacceptable is the attitude of the majority of the state bodies, especially the competent Ministry of Labor and Social Policy in the  functioning of the social partnership and dialogue. For example of irresponsible behavior is the attitude of the minister Ministry of Labor and Social Policy who is also the President of the ESC at the national level, which is an extremely important state body in the area of social partnership and dialogue.

Namely, the Economic and social council has  turned into a comic debating club that is completely contrary to the Rules of procedure for its work, as well as the provisions of the Labor law that regulate its function. As a consequence of such an extremely difficult violation of the provisions of the systemic law, contrary to the Rules of procedure, very serious decisions by this kind of  economic and social council are  “adopted”.

The KSS, on this occasion also points out the very serious violation of the provisions of many laws and collective agreement, we will separately mark the Labor Law  and the Law on pension and disability Insurance, especially in the provisions where the issue of salaries is clearly regulated to be done by a joint agreement of the social partners at the concrete level.

Republic of Macedonia has become a single example in the region and probably more widely, where the place and role of trade unions, which are regulated by the highest international documents (Conventions) and the highest legal documents in our country (the Constitution and several laws) are totally disrespected by the certain holders of high positions in the state bodies.  The situation is even worst in the part of the local self-government, and especially in the part of public institutions and private enterprises. Such a situation cannot exist, it can create much more negative consequences, that will require much more time to repair such conditions.

Making pressures to join or leave any  trade union, threats to impose punitive measures if it is not acted according to the orders and wishes of certain people with power, abusing the position, the rough examples of giving dismissals  to holders of the most responsible positions in several of the trade unions , including the President of the KSS, are cases that are without any dilemmas extremely serious crimes. Unfortunately, even the written remarks of the highest representatives of the European trade union confederation and International trade union confederation to the highest holders of the functions in our country were not sufficient reason to immediately remove these frightening and shameful clashes of legal regulations ???

KSS clearly, also in this occasion (which should have greater weight due to the  Labor Day) declares that it will never depart from the role it has as a true organization of workers who are voluntarily members of KSS, will not leave the principles adopted at the Founding Congress in 2005, as well as the international legal documents and legal documents in our country.

Therefore, we demand immediate returning the social partnership and dialogue  within the frames of the laws of the state and specially the  functioning of the Economic and social council  at the national level and the Economic and social councils at the local level.

We urgently require the start serious negotiations about wages in accordance with the regulations of the  Labor Law and the Collective agreements, and in this context compulsory participation in the design of the announced budget re-balance for this year in the part of wages.

One of the problems that escalates especially the last months in the public sector is the dismissals of thousands of employees, under extremely suspicious reasons and immediately hiring other workers, which in itself clearly speaks of the abuse of power by certain individuals who hold certain positions.

KSS urgently requests such behaviors to be stopped and  the competent inspections immediately to start with audits and revisions of all determinations of employment  for which exist indications of violations of certain laws.

We want to believe that these indications will be taken seriously by all responsible authorities or individuals at all levels in the performance of the functioning of the Government. Otherwise, we will not wait for 1st of May to go out on the streets, but we will do it whenever we are brought to such a situation due to the non-functioning of the legal state with a number of participants where most of the streets in Skopje as well as in other cities will most  be not enough. It is not our desire, but it will be the answer to those who will play with the rights that are guaranteed  and from  which depend the lives of workers and their families .

We congratulate the International Labor Day to all workers and especially to the  members of the branch trade unions in Confederation of free trade unions of Macedonia.



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