At the session on Conference of the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia – KSS that was held on April 29, 2020 was discussed the current economic and social situation in our country and the activities of KSS and its members in recent months and based on those observations, in anticipation of May 1, Labor Day, was adopted the following:


The Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia – KSS expresses great concern about the poor economic and social situation in the country as a whole and especially for most of the workers whose monthly income does not provide a minimum standard of living for their families.

The KSS’s concern is even more justified given the fact that more and more workers are losing their jobs, and economic indicators show a steady deterioration of the situation, which is completely contrary to the expectations, and especially contrary to the promises of the Government of Macedonia.

KSS has consistently and seriously indicated and was demanding urgent solutions to be found to overcome such situations, but unfortunately the responsible state bodies have not taken sufficiently serious measures to get out of this situation.

The attitude of most state bodies is especially unacceptable, especially in the area of social dialogue and partnership during a pandemic when we all need to help to put an end to such harmful effects on the economic and social life of citizens as soon as possible.

On this occasion, KSS points to a serious violation of the provisions of Laws and Collective Agreements, for which there is a danger, for which we have pointed out earlier, for unilateral suspension of the Labor Law and Collective Agreements, where it is clearly regulated that corrections are made jointly with agreement with social partners at a specific level.

Macedonia has become the only example in the region and probably beyond, where the place and role of trade unions regulated by the highest international documents (conventions) and the highest legal documents in our country (Constitution and Labor Law) are fully not respected by the Government.

One of the problems that has escalated in the last few days is the lost of jobs of thousands of workers, and the government’s uncertainty and chaos with the adopted Decrees only contributes to increasing this problem and creating even greater fear for all workers in terms of their economic and social status.

The longer period of formal rather than essential social dialogue and partnership, the inaction of certain state bodies in terms of compliance with the law, has surfaced today with the impossibility of establishing control when we need it the most, so there is a kind of chaotic phenomenon, where what is promised is done differently, inability to establish a fair and correct dialogue, and all this contributes instead of dealing more effectively with the pandemic in the area of solidarity for the preservation of jobs and in the area of protection and safety in the workplace, and protection of all citizens in the country, day by day we hear about the same Decrees with opposite directions, which of course brings uncertainty for all of us.

KSS publicly and clearly on the occasion of Labor Day declares that it will never  deviate from its role as a real organization of workers which members are voluntarily members, that will not abandon the principles adopted at the founding Congress in 2005, as well as from the international documents and laws in force in our country.

In the framework of its activities and in cooperation with other legitimate civil society organizations, in the absence of real social dialogue and partnership that should be promoted by the state bodies, KSS continuously sends sustainable proposals to the Government in order to overcome the health crisis more efficiently and quickly. We are now witnessing that it has turned into an economic one, and if the stereotypes in the government are not overcome in a very short period of time, it will turn into a long-term social crisis.

We want to believe that these messages will be understood by all responsible bodies or individuals at all levels of Government. Otherwise, in the name of SOLIDARITY, we warn once again that as a true protector of workers we will respond very quickly in an appropriate way, but this time with all workers who lose their jobs because in the past and the time to come the real trade union is recognized and real and sincere fighters for workers’ rights.

KSS congratulates the International Labor Day to all workers in Macedonia.


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