Meeting with representatives from Union to Union from Sweden


On 20th of June  2018 at the premises of Confederation of free trade unions of Macedonia, representatives of Union to Union, a trade union from Sweden, which is part of the Swedish Confederation of Trade Unions and the Swedish Confederation of Professional Workers visited the Confederation of free trade unions of Macedonia.

Union to Union promotes decent work, democracy, sustainable development and human rights. They support local and foreign trade unions as well in order to improve the conditions, recruit more members, provide useful advice for more successful work in direction of improving workers’ rights.

During the meeting, the participants discussed the current problems of the union movement in the Republic of Macedonia, the problems that workers face on daily base, ways to promote workers’ rights, health and safety at work, and other challenges that KSS faces right now, with particular reference of youth and women.

Within the realized meeting, a representative of the youth section of the KSS discussed the current situation regarding trade union education and trade union action. The representatives expressed the need for more comprehensive trade union education that is very important for the development and progress of the overall trade union action.


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