Campaign “Desent work for desent life “


On 16th of June 2018 the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia held a press- conference in order to present the new campaign that started as a result of long period of dissatisfaction , the non-functioning of the social dialogue and the destruction of the economic and social  council  that is reflected on the local economic and social councils.

KSS today, like many times in the past year, publicly expresses the dissatisfaction of non-functioning of the social dialogue.

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As a trade union whose main activity and goal is the protection and promotion of workers’ rights, we are especially concerned about the pressure that our members are facing, such as the pressure to become a members of a trade union or threaten to impose punitive measures if they do not act according to orders and desires of certain powers, degradation, manipulation, intimidation, psychological harassment –mobbing, incursion into trade union organizations and taking them with threats and power, unlawfully stopping the membership fees of some of our legal entities, seizing the documentation of trade union organizations by executives appointed by the Government of Republic of Macedonia, to the most rugged examples of giving up the holders of the most responsible positions in several branch unions and trade union organizations, including the dismissal of the President of KSS from his work place as a civil servant, in order to send a message to the membership about their power to abandon or destroy our union and avoiding the obligations arising from the laws of Republic of Macedonia.

On this occasion KSS starts a campaign that will last for a longer time until the final agreement for accepting our requests.

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The campaign for bigger wages in the public sector entitled “Decent pay for decent life” will take place daily, partly through social networks, partly  through meetings in the cities in  Republic of Macedonia, wherever the membership will requested, wherever it is needed, partly through conferences where KSS and its branch trade unions will express their views, demands and the pressure and ignorance that are happening and of course, as we go, our actions will begin to radicalize.

The KSS bodies through monitoring of the situation on a daily basis,  will coordinate and take actions in order to finally solve our problems that have been settled with years.

KSS clearly and publicly states its position:

– Stop underestimating and ignoring the public sector that is already becoming kind of social category

-Stop for commissioned surveys and humiliation of the public sector and labeling as “non-workers”

-Stop discrimination and political pressure in the public sector

-Stop for dismissals  from the position of power and employment of other workers overnight

To achieve this, political will is needed, rather than dismissals, intimidations, pressure, disrespect of the Collective agreements and the Laws of Republic of Macedonia.

We disagree with the populistic measures to subsidize the private sector to increase the salaries from the Budget of  Republic of Macedonia and to ignore the public sector where the public workers are direct budget users.

The public sector, in line with the announcements for  the next year increasing of  the social assistance, will be equalized with the recipients of social assistance, and now we say IT’S ENOUGH  playing and underestimating and IT’S TIME to hear our voice and realize our rights.

We urge the Government to  hear our demands seriously and finally solve our demands, not as before by manipulating, buying time and ignoring. We demand a serious approach to restore social dialogue and partnership in  Republic of Macedonia, because only in this way a democracy can function in the true meaning  of the word.



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