KSS protested in Prilep


The Confederation of free trade unions of Macedonia has decided to radicalize its actions in order to achieve its demands with which it wants to raise the social status of its members and employees in the public sector.

KSS submitted the requirements to the Government of Republic of Macedonia and to the relevant ministries in January this year before the big warning protest in Skopje that  was organized on 17.01.2018.

With this requirements  KSS is struggling for a decent salary that will enable a decent life which is completely overlooked as the basic characteristic of social life, to harmonize the amount of the basic wage with the minimum wage, to respect the laws and the collective agreements that allow the payment of allowances as well as K-15, to stop with the political pressures and all other pressures at work place and mobbing so that the quality worker can do his job, make a re-qualification or additional qualification to an employee for  the sectors where it is necessary and to stop with the idea of transfer of employees from the public to the private sector and to respect of social dialogue as the most important tool for overall progress.

The protest in Prilep, despite all attempts of the institutions to prevent it, was supported and a message was sent to the institutions that they should understand that the trade unions should be included in decision making as a relevant factor and as a representative of the labor force in the country.

KSS will continue to radicalize its activities until institutions take action to meet these requirements that are in line with laws and collective agreements.

In addition, part of the protest.

Protest – Prilep 15.12.2018– video

Protest – Prilep 15.12.2018– video 2

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