PERC School on wages, wage gap reduction and social protection


At the end of September this year, more precisely from 18 to 20, 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden,was held PERC School,  the tenth in a row.

On this school were considered  the global situations and the changes in workers’ rights that in the last period is current  topic. A comparing was made between the situation in the countries of the region, the countries of Europe and of course  comparing between the countries of the world with a different level of respecting of the  workers’ rights.


A short presentations were made by Karl Torvaldson, ITUC Deputy Chairman, ETUC Secretary General, Luca Vincentini and Ester Lynch, Confederal Secretary and Enisa Salimovic from the PERC Regional Office, who highlighted the current situation in the countries of the region.

Among the other things, it was discussed about the level of wages in the public sector, minimum wage, collective bargaining, wage gap based on gender and age discrimination, for which representatives from the women’s section and youth section of PERC had their own presentation.

Representatives of the trade unions from the Baltic countries presented the Global deal platform that addresses the global social dialogue and advocates the joining of all three parties, the Government, trade unions and employers’ organizations, which is in fact the ideal option for the founders . The idea of a global deal comes from Stephen Lofer, a Swedish minister who advocates the idea after he entered into politics.

Several countries from the world have joined for this way of  social dialogue.


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