Plenary Meeting of RTUC ,,Solidarnost”


At the end of January, on 31st January 2018, was held a plenary session of the Regional trade union council “Solidarity”  in which  members of the representative trade unions from the countries of the Former Yugoslav Republic are participating. The meeting was held in the building of the Confederation of autonomous trade unions of Serbia.

The topics that were discussed are in the area of working hours which, although determined by law, employers often continue with disrespecting of the working time, then permanent and more advanced  digitization and robotization, which besides that brings benefits in the way of work and organization, there are negative consequences for the final results- the replacement of the workers with robots and the new and atypical forms of jobs (seasonal work, work on call, work on platform ) due to their nature they do not provide adequate protection for the workers, ie they work without paying the corresponding contributions, and because of that the workers are  losing their right to have pension.

From the point of view of the trade unions, it has been confirmed that they should adapt themselves to the changes brought about by the advancement of technology and to find ways in which the unions will respond to the constant changes in the labor market, since from 40% to 65% of the jobs will be affected by digitization.

31.01.2018 Belgrad-Solidarnost

In addition, robotization and digitization as a matter of concern, trade unions must open them as a topic within the social dialogue in order to put emphasis on working time in order to preserve the right of workers to have free time and of course, to have private life.

Also it was said that this problem should also be pointed out to the state that as a social partner is obligated to care for workers as citizens of one state.

At the end of the session, was signed a Declaration of atypical forms of work , which follows the adoption of the Declaration on working time.




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