Training about “Youth Rights at Work – Decent Work for Young People”


The training that was organized in the period from 27-29.09.2017 in Ohrid, is part of the program “Youth Rights at Work – Decent Work for Young People”, which aims to raise the awareness of young people about their workers  rights.

The main segments that was paid attention were: key caracteristics of the labor market for young people, employment contract, working conditions and safety and health at work, certainly on the basis of our national labor legislation.

The training was organized in a combined way with presentations from exxperts, exchange of knowledge among participants and work in groups with interaction. The training was led by an international and national expert in the field of labor rights.


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According to the interest and activity shown  from the participants who were young people up to 24 years old, it was noticed that they need this type of training in order to be informed and ready to enter in  the labor market.

The training was organized by the International Labor Organization.



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