KSS had meeting with the representatives from ILO



Today in the offices of the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia there was held meeting between representatives from KSS and ILO with Mr. Magnus Berge specialist for workers’ activities at the office of the International Labor Organization for Central and Eastern Europe, and Ms. Emil Krstanovski, national coordinator of ILO.

On the meeting was discussed the situation in the trade union movement in the Republic of Macedonia, and in particular the situation of non-functioning of the social dialogue and partnership in the Republic of Macedonia, actually non-functioning of the tripartite body, the Economic and Social Council and the way it operates outside the legal norms and internal acts for its establishment.

Besides it was highlighted the non-functioning functioning of the social dialogue at national level, the issues of improper functioning of the social dialogue is evident and in some of the relevant ministries as well as the bipartite dialogue at the company level. There were also discussions about the situation at the company level, where trade union representatives and membership are facing pressures and mobbing in the workplace.

The great concern was also expressed about the violation of the laws and bylaws by the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, as well as the ESC’s Rules of Procedure, the Agreement on the Establishment of the ESC, also the  international conventions and violations of the procedures for adopting proposals and conclusions about the law changes that apply to the workers, and which, out of all procedures, are submitted for adoption of the sessions of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia.

The ILO representative encourages our struggles for functioning the social dialogue that is now disturbed and asking for respecting the laws.What was discussed at the meeting will be summarized in a report that will be submitted to higher instances.



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