KSS published the Manifesto on measures and requests



The Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia at today’s press conference held at Post Office 2 (New Railway Station) reiterated their demands for the functioning of the social dialogue through the publication of the Manifesto of Measures and Requirements.

The Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia, starting from the point of the social partnership and dialogue, which are caused by the most responsible state bodies and their highest officials, in the last months of this year, with completely marginalized  the roles of the relevant trade union partners, representative trade unions proclaims the following:


of measures and requirements

The striking violation of the constitutional provisions, the Labor Law, the Agreement on the establishment of the Economic and Social Council and the Rules of Procedure of the Economic and Social Council as well as several international conventions ratified by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy in the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, the failure of social partnerships and dialogue by other line ministries, meetings and objections by some ministries with completely irrelevant, as well as with illegitimate organizations and associations about rights and labor rights  which are exclusively within the competence of the relevant trade unions, created a situation of total trampling of the legal system and the complete passivization and disregard of the freedom of trade union functioning in our country.

Со цел ваквите исклучително опасни и неприфатливи состојби да бидат веднаш надминати, Конфедерацијата на слободни синдикати на Македонија ги обзданува следните:


In order to be immediately overcome such extremely dangerous and unacceptable conditions, the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia is establish the following:

  • organizing protests in front of the competent state institutions that are direct bearers of the mentioned conditions
  • organizing general strikes at the level of sectors in the public sector, including a general strike at national level, in all sectors
  • request for arrival of representatives from international trade union organizations in which the KSS and its members are regular members in order to perceive and monitor on the spot the situation with violation of the laws in the Republic of Macedonia
  • initiating criminal proceedings against all who have committed criminal acts so far, and against those who will eventually do the same in the next period

KSS requests from the Government and competent line ministries urgently and without delay to:

  • start negotiations for increasing the salaries of the employees in the public administration, public enterprises and joint stock companies in state ownership, harmonization of the signed and valid collective agreements, corresponding to the percentage created by increasing the amount of the minimum wage (19 percent), which is certainly legal obligation arising from the Labor Law
  • commencement of negotiations for amendments to the general collective agreement for the public sector, especially with an emphasis on determining the right to recourse for annual leave, appropriate at the general collective agreement for the private sector (real sector), which is unfairly wrong and is shameful private entrepreneurs to be punished by state authorities for something that the state does not accept as a defined right for employees in the state sector

In the end, we want to say to the public that no threats, pressures and similar actions from any level, from a position of government, will change the course of defense of the rights of members of our trade unions arising from the applicable legislation and collective agreements, and for all such actions, KSS and its branch trade unions will initiate appropriate court procedures and will regularly inform the public, as well as all competent international organizations


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