The Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia on several times this year publicly at press conferences reacted to the non-functioning of the social dialogue and partnership at all levels, as well as the violation of the Constitution of R.Macedonia, the Labor Law, general collective agreements, branch collective agreements, collective agreements at company level, as well as the provisions of international conventions ratified by the Republic of Macedonia.

KSS also reacted to the various forms of pressure at all levels on trade union representatives and trade union members, through the imposition of sanctions at work and dismissals, which culminated with the dismissal of the President of KSS Blagoja Ralpovski, which clearly sends a message that they are trying to repress the trade union movement with the most extreme methods.

KSS consistently reported to the international organizations where KSS is affiliated, as well as to the International Labor Organization, but despite their indication, in writing and with visits, that the ILO Convention, No. 87, for free association and protection of the rights to organize, month by month, day by day, the pressures were increasing.

„We have repeatedly warned that we will take radical, trade union action and now we are saying – time is running out.“

The Conference of KSS, which is the highest body between two Congresses, concluded a decision on PUBLIC WARNING PROTEST, which will be held on January 17, 2018, in front of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, starting from 5 minutes to 12.


– Immediately to stop the pressure on public sector employees, in particular the pressure on trade union representatives and the attempt on repression on the trade union movement.- Immediate approach to harmonization of public sector wages in line with the increase of the minimum wage starting from October 2017.- Immediately to start negotiations on increasing wages in the public sector without discrimination on certain sectors.- Immediately to start negotiations for amendment of the General Collective Agreement for the public sector in order to raise labor rights in the area of payments for years of past labor, the right to payment to annual leave (K-15) and increasing the maternity leave.- Compulsory harmonization of the wages for public sector between representative trade unions and the Government, before any budget planning of the Republic of Macedonia.- Immediately, and no later than 16 January 2018, the President of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia or authorized representatives from him to organize a working meeting with representatives of KSS in order to agree on common solutions for overcoming the conditions that are the reason for organizing the PUBLIC WARNING PROTEST.

We want to express our readiness and our consistency that nothing will stop us even the most extreme attempts to prevent this protest because our membership is ready and at this moment to go out on the street.

We call on all trade unions, as well as other civil and non-governmental organizations with their representatives to participate in the Public Warning Protest on the basis of solidarity support.


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