Confederation of free trade unions of Macedonia informs for interference of leadership of trade union organization of Joint Venture ELEM



The Independent Trade Union of the workers from the energy, mining and industry of the Republic of Macedonia, which is branch union of the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia, informes the public about the gross interference and intrusion in the trade unions of AD ELEM, and trade union organization of JSC ELEM.
Аctually, the trade union organization of AD ELEM decided to announce legitimate trade union elections in accordance with the statute that is in accordance with the Law on Labor Relations and the Collective Agreement, and for which the General Director of AD ELEM, Mr. Minovski, was informed and all the directors of ELEM and the management boards as well

Managers in certain subsidiaries, primarily in REK Bitola, tried to fake the elections and to nominate people  as they prefer, otherwise they threatened that the elections would not be held.

As a trade union, strongly opposed these indications and pressures, so on the day of elections, the same people reacted and obstructed labor union activities by not providing premises and putting pressures on union members in order elections to be delayed or not even held.

We were reported to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Bitola, the Ministry of Interior Bitola, the Labor Inspectorate, the General Director of AD ELEM, and the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, the Secretary General of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, and the Prime Minister the Republic of Macedonia. After the application, only the labor inspectorate was announced with inaccurate notification for failure to submit decisions by the trade union organization, which, unfortunately, may not have been submitted to them, by the authorized persons of REK Bitola, while from other bodies there was no reaction.

From the middle of last month, pressures on us as representatives of the union and trade union began to be re-pressed for the purpose of violent takeover of the union, forcible seizure of his property and documents of the branch union, the trade union organization of AD ELEM and the trade union of REK Bitola. We informed the President of KSS and the Executive Committee of KSS, who, as legitimate representatives, requested from the leaders of  ELEM, in accordance with the positive legal regulations and in accordance with the conventions of the International Labor Organization for the freedom of trade union association, to legally release the premises in our presence, and the documents owned by the trade union to be handed over to the legitimate union representatives. Instead of stopping the interference in the trade union movement, there was an intrusion in the premises of the trade union branch of REK Bitola, the trade union organization of AD ELEM and the branch union SSERI in which our entire documentation was located, and in the following day the premises and the entire property and documentation were delivered of the newly formed trade union, the Multi-ethnic Trade Union for Education – MESO at SSM, which has no point in the national classification of activities with the energy syndicate, which in itself shows putting pressure on unions of Confederation of Free Trade Unions and to silence the union in its legitimate demands.

All this was preceded by another event that shows that the employer interferes in the trade union movement, violates the laws and conventions of the ILO violently, and that it itself should impose criminal responsibility.

On 02.02.2018 at 11 am and 42 minutes, the Manager of the Cash Flow Unit of AD ELEM informs all the shareholders of AD ELEM, via e-mail, that the funds for salary deductions at the expense of the trade unions of  ELEM, after the basis of membership fees, loans and installments, to stop and not to transfer to the trade union.

At the end of all this, the General Director of ELEM sent a notification to the Confederation of free trade unions of Macedonia in which it refrains from all these actions and does not refer to the management bodies of the REK Bitola branch.

All this was again notified to the Ministry of Interior of Bitola, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, the President of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, but unfortunately, for now, there is still no reaction. Therefore, on this occasion, we call on the prosecutor’s office to initiate a procedure for an inquiry after an admissible vote, for criminal responsibility, abuse of official duty for interference in the union movement in the Republic of Macedonia.

We would like to inform you that the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia, for all these events with all recorded materials with receipt stamps from all institutions where it has submitted an application or notification, informed the World Trade Union Confederation, the European Confederation of Trade Unions and of course the International Labor Organization as well as the interference of representatives of the the state in the trade union movement in the Republic of Macedonia, for gross violation of international law and free organizing conventions. Several ambassadors have been notified, including the Euro Ambassadress in Macedonia.

We assure you with complete sincerity that we will continue along the path of independent trade union organization, defending and promoting workers’ rights in the Republic of Macedonia.




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