KSS supports the proposal for raising the wages in the public sector


Today on the public debate of the Commission for Labor and Social Policy, the were discussions about the   proposal for  wages increase of 5% in the public sector, which was proposed by a group of members of the parliament. The Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia supports all the proposals in which great efforts are being made to increase wages and supports all measures for opening new jobs because the best social policy is opening new jobs as well as constantly increasing wages that will lead to movement of the economy in the Republic of Macedonia. Only by this way it can be shown good will for improvement the living standard of the citizens.


“At today’s Commission we supported the increase of the wages in the public sector  by 5%. We, as trade unions always fight for workers’ rights and salary increases. At the moment, the budget is in the procedure of rebalancing and we hope that the proposal will be accepted, ” said Zoran Antovski,  General Secretary of KSS.

The analyzes carried out by the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia on the movement of wages in the public sector, according to which the majority of the employees in the public sector receive wages below the average, and at the level of the Republic of Macedonia researches show that  78% of the total number of employees take a salary below 20.000 denars, so we assume that the new Government should seriously take in consideration this economic figure.


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