KSS request functioning of ESC and reducing of the working time


At the press conference held on September 7, 2017, the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia emphasized their requirements. Also, KSS reacts to today’s ESC session, to which the Minister of Labor and Social Policy again again makes a devaluation, and without hesitation, makes a “private debating club” of ESC, without legitimacy, despite the reaction from KSS.

KSS reiterated its demands that, in line with the increase of the minimum wage which they accept and support, they want maintaining the increase of the wage for workers in public sector in line with the minimum wage increase because of the settlement with the wage of the lowest positions of the workers in public sector. As well there is suspension of the collective contracts because the basic coefficient will be below the minimum wage. Namely, the KSS requires a 19% increase of the wages in public sector in accordance with the Labor Law, as well as the conventions of the International Labor Organization ratified in the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia.

Today’s press conference is convened in an absurd situation where KSS publicly reacts to the introduction of working in two shifts in the public administration, which certainly should improve the services for the citizens, but it is implementing out without proper analysis and does not take into account the structural placement of the employees in the public sector.

The lack of employees in certain institutions and the introduction of working in two shifts lead to additional obligations of the employees, and they should be paid for a shift work in accordance with the Law on Labor Relations, but the payment is not foreseen.

With this unconsidered decision, a big hole in the public sector is made with additional tasks for certain employees due to two shifts and, of course, working on Saturdays, which disrupts the balance of work and private life, traditional family obligations, and therefore the KSS launches an initiative in front of other social partners in the state, according to our analysis and experience in the EU Member States, where it has been proven that reducing working hours brings more productivity to workers and KSS requires thorough analysis to reduce working hours of 35 hours per week, or 7 hours of working time per day.

All this is impossible to implement because the representative trade unions do not have where to ask for better, sustainable and rational conditions for the employees because they are silenced by making a circus from the Economic and Social Council, so KSS:

  1. Informs all Members of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia that they become accomplice in the violation of the Laws if they decide on points from the economic and social sphere, such as the Law on Minimum Wage because it is grossly violated even when drawing conclusions from the ESC, which worked without a quorum.
  2. KSS will submit a review of the correctness of the draft laws from the economic and social sphere in front of the Legislative – Legal Commission of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia.
  3. KSS promises to persist in its demands and, if necessary, will react even more rigorously in accordance with the laws and the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia and will undertake radical trade union measures that can grow into mass protests.

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