KSS demands increase of the maternity leave


12.09.2017, Skopje

Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia on a today’s  press conference highlighted the requirements for the promotion of workers’ rights and the standard of the workers.

Due to the non-functioning of the Economic and Social Council and the inability of KSS to express their statemenets and demands, the President of the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia, Blagoja Ralpovski, reiterated that the KSS demands increase of the wages of the workers in public sector by 19% in line with the increase of the minimum wage for retention of the span of wages of all categories of public servants and not to come in a situation where the salaries of the technical staff will be equal with the salaries of the lowest positions of the holders of activity in the public sector whose basic coefficient for calculation of the salary will be under the amount of the minimum wage.

KSS also emphasized the proposal to the other social partners for undertaking deep analysis for reducing working hours to 7 hours a day for those workers who now have 8 hours working day due to the introduction of working in shifts and working on Saturdays, in order to maintain the balance between work and private life.

At today’s press conference, KSS in front of the wider audience emphasized one of our demands that it supporting motherhood and demanding  increase of the maternity leave, according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization that the child should be breastfeed for at least 12 months, with which it reduces the risk of breast cancer by 50% of the women, which is now considerably widespread.

KSS requires at least 12 months of paid maternity leave, which will certainly follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the practice of the member states of the European Union, starting with experience of our neighborhood countries.

KSS once again warns that the KSS Executive Board requires convening of  the Conference, which is the highest body between the two Congresses with the only item on the agenda, “the situation of the social dialogue at the highest level in the Republic of Macedonia”, as well as taking further steps to exit from this situation, and this can certainly turn into mass protests.



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