ILO/EC Conference entitled: Industrial relations in Europe: Fostering equality at work and cross-country convergence


On 17th and 18th of May 2018 in Paris, France was held a Conference entitled:”Industrial relations in Europe:
Fostering equality at work and cross-country convergence”  that was organized by the International Labor Office in cooperation with the European Commission, hosted by Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of France.

Political debates were organized at a round table between representatives of labor ministries, employers’ representatives, European social partners, European and International trade union representatives and representatives from the European Commission and the International Labor Organization.

The purpose of this conference was to identify mechanisms / systems for industrial relations that contribute to equality at work (in areas such as wages, working hours, level and quality of employment) as well as to increase cross-border convergence in Europe (as GDP per capita, employment rate, etc.) and social indicators (such as poverty reduction, social protection, etc.).

The key objective of the Conference was to answer a number of questions such as:
• What are the main trends in the EU in terms of economic and social convergence?
• What measures of politics, institutions and actors play a role in resolving this process?
• What is the contribution of social dialogue to tackling future changes in the world of labor, limiting inequalities and promoting convergence in the upward trend?



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