Second trade union school of KSS entitled: Labor relations law and its amendments



The Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia (KSS) organized a trade union school that started yesterday (November 15, 2018) and will last until November 17, 2018 in hotel Biser-Struga.

The topic that is being processed in the school is very important and actual in the last period and it refers to the new Law on Labor Relations and its amendments.

KSS at the end of this school will issue conclusions regarding the amendments to the Law mentioned above, supported by cases and situations that occur in practice that participants can confirm them.

Participants from all branch trade unions of the KSS attend the school, and the interest was enormous due to the actuality of the topic.



Due to the need for practical experience for the implementation of the Law, the professor of labor law, Dr. Lazar Jovevski, and Judge Hilda Meškova, will have their own presentations as part of the school.



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